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I am a: Woman
I am looking for a: Man
I am from:
My age is: 44
I have been here since: 07-19-2023

Something About me:

I'm a very bad girl who is always feeling frisky. I'm 5'9″ with short brown hair, I maybe big as you can see in my pic, but I've got curves, nice and sexy ones! I have very full red lips, skillful in oral I might add ;), hazel/color changing almond-shaped eyes and very soft fair skin. I'm smart and quite witty, or so they say, sarcastic and cynical but not in a mean way. I like to talk shit, but I'm really a pussy… I'm totally open-mind and non-judgmental, with an active imagination and an impish sense of adventure, especially when it comes to SEX! I have delish pussy and mouth to which I both put to good use. I'm extremely open and honest, but not too blunt or obnoxious. Ready to meet up and fuck? Contact me…

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