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I am a: Woman
I am looking for a: Man
I am from:
My age is: 35
I have been here since: 06-22-2023

Something About me:

Hi! I'm a 35 year old, single female, hot, sexy, and with a very high sex drive! I have had a turbulent couple of years with a really really nasty ex who's sole intention was to muck up the rest of my life… but now he's gone and I'm finally free! And that calls for a celebration! Naturally I am absolutely not looking for something steady anymore, I just want to life live and enjoy my sexuality as much as I can! I just need a normal friendly guy who loves hot sex just as much as I do. So to get things started quickly, I took a nude pic of myself so you know how I look and something to start things up with a little spice! If you like what you see, send me a pic and if you get me horny, we'll definitely fuck!

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