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I am a: Woman
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My age is: 47
I have been here since:4 months

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I am a 47 year old mom that just seperated from her husband and is looking for a good time and looking for someone that can please me like I need to be pleased! I am hot, sexy, and despite my age, has a sex drive of an 18 year old and stamina of a woman in her 20's! You'll definitely love me being on top! I want someone who can provide proof of health – because I really really love sucking a cock dry after cumming inside me! You better have the stamina to do this multimple times! I won't let go of your dick until it's limp and useless LOL! I'm a regular on this site. My profile pic is from my latest sexcapades. (See the tired dude at the back LOL)

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