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I am a: Woman
I am looking for a: Man
I am from:
My age is: 48
I have been here since: 02-07-2024

Something About me:

LOOK OUT ‘COZ IM’MA COUGAR ON THE PROWL – RAAAARWWWWWRRR! Hihihih sorry ’bout that but I’m just really anxious and excited ’bout doin this. Neva done anyting like this before… But yeah that’s ’cause I’ve been married for bout 10 years. Asshole cheated on me and I kicked him out of the door. That shit don’t fly with me! I was done with men after that but waddaya know after a couple of months I really can’t bare anymore… I need a man, I need a penis, I need sex and I need it quick! I may be a cougar but I still have a hot-wet tight pussy for y’all!

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